An Appreciative Family – Testimonial

From: An Appreciative Patient’s Family Member (personal information withheld for reasons of privacy)
January 9, 2012
To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to commend to you the work of one of the TAWL homecare nurses, Karen, RN. Nurse Karen was assigned to my husband’s care after his release from Memorial Hermann Hospital in October, 2011. She came everyday for 18 days (except for the two days when my husband received wound care at his scheduled doctor’s appointments). He was released November 2011 from home nursing care. Ms. Karen was punctual, always calling ahead if an earlier appointment held her up for a few minutes, and she invariably scheduled her next visit in advance so we never had to wait for her.

We were impressed with nurse Karen’s punctuality and attentiveness, but even more, we appreciated her gentle kindness, professionalism, and expertise. My husband is a physician so he is aware of proper procedure for wound care which in his case included a muscle flap/skin graft, a splint for a compound fracture of the lower right leg, and other lacerations. He was very impressed with her ability to properly clean and dress the wounds. It was, of course, crucial that the wounds not become infected. Ms. Karen was painstakingly careful to maintain clean wounds, and she was meticulous in the bandaging of the wounds and the application of the splint which had to be wrapped and supported. We are both convinced that Ms. Karen’s expert care contributed in a major way to his successful recovery.

We would like to know that she receives a copy of this letter which we hope will be added to what must be a file of numerous accolades for her fine work. Ms. Karen, RN is a superbly gifted nurse and a credit to her profession.

An Appreciative Family